Cucumber and Dal

I love my junk food. However, lately, I’ve found that a day of bad eating directly affects my energy levels. I get moody and grumpy when I’ve been eating processed food or a meat heavy diet. On the other hand, I am instantly more positive and upbeat when I’ve been feasting on vibrant fresh fruit and vegetables.

We also get a lot more for our buck when we buy vegetables instead of meat. $200 worth of meat will last us about 2-3 weeks. But $200 worth of vegetables (plus mum’s contributions from her garden) will feed us like Kings for about 6 weeks. A good vegetable curry, a couple of side dishes and some brown rice keeps us regular as well.
Over the years, I’ve tossed with the idea of becoming vegetarian. I could easily give up lamb and a little less easily give up chicken. But I love a good steak, so I’ve always struggled with going cold turkey. More importantly, I could not survive without seafood.
Last weekend, the hubby and I had a good chat and came up with a plan. We will only eat meat on a Sunday. The benefits will be two-fold:
a)      we will be forced to be more creative with our vegetables, and are more likely to explore other options (including seafood);
b)      we will save money – eating meat only on Sundays will mean that we spend about $30 a month on meat.
I’ve decided to go one step further, and not eat meat for 14 days. I will allow myself seafood – (yay for Omega 3!) and eggs. But will stay away from red meat and chicken. As usual, I’ll post any interesting recipes I find.
So we’ll start with Cucumber Dal:
We had a whole bag of cucumbers in the fridge that were fast approaching their expiry. I quick google later, I found this lovely recipe on Vah Chef’s page.
It’s incredibly easy and tasty. I’m not going to post the recipe here as I followed the Chef’s instructions quite closely. So click on the link above for the recipe.

The only changes I made were:

Peeling and deseeding the cucumber as well. We also had leftover dal  – so I used that instead of boiling fresh dal.

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