Gunny’s Chili Cheese Toasts

My brother-in-law, Mr. Gunny is a pretty good cook (yes ladies, he’s single). HisĀ specialitiesĀ are chilli chicken (he’s up to version no. 127) and anything with cheese. He cooked up a feast tonight at his place and very generously tortured me all evening by sending me photos and recipes via MMS. I haven’t tried these toasts myself, but I can only imagine how good they were! Continue reading Gunny’s Chili Cheese Toasts

Low Carb Churros

I recently purchased some LC Sugar-free pancake mix from an online seller. At the time of purchase I was so sure that I’d use it up within days because I was going to get up early every morning and cook up beautiful soft fluffy pancakes for hubby and I. Let me tell you…it never happened. It’s difficult enough getting up for work in time to have a decent shower and clean my teeth. Pancakes at 7 in the morning..? EVERY morning…? Nahhhh! Continue reading Low Carb Churros