I am a Tamil Muslim, born in Singapore, brought up in Australia, married to a Maharastrian Hindu, who grew up in Gujarat and Australia.

You see where this is going? My kitchen is a battlefield! Where Idlies fight with Dhoklas for space, where Mee goreng and vermicelli Upuma don’t see eye to eye! My pantry is so full that we’ve had to extend into the laundry!

I have a lot of fun, learning from my husband (Mangy) and in-laws. I have also surprised them with recipes from my side of the family. Sometimes hubby and I spend hours arguing about the best way to prepare a particular ingredient (hands down – the South Indian way is always best!).

This blog is a collection of recipes I’ve gathered from loved ones. I have also included recipes that I found on the net or in recipe books that my family have grown to love. I treat recipes as gifts. So where possible, I’ve cited the original source to help me remember who gave me the recipe.

These recipes are more than mere instructions to prepare a meal. They’re stories and reminders of the people I love and care for, and of good times and laughter. I hope they inspire you to try something new as well in your kitchen.

Please leave me a comment or two, it’ll give me an absolute thrill – Enjoy!

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