Chicken and Prawn Potstickers

2013-09-02 17.00.36

I’m not a huge fan of potstickers, but Mangy loves them and will often order them at restaurants or buy packets of frozen dumplings to steam at home. We were grocery shopping recently and had a list in hand and were doing pretty well sticking to that list until Mangy spied a packet of Gyozas in the freezer section…and just like that he was like a three year old in the confectionery aisle.  Continue reading Chicken and Prawn Potstickers

Soup Kambing (Lamb Rib Soup)


Soup kambing is a thin spicy lamb or mutton soup, usually served with crusty cubes of bread and a good dash of white pepper and soya sauce. It is also very difficult to photograph and posed a real challenge for my mobile phone camera. For a photographer’s daughter, I take terrible pictures. I’m lucky my dad doesn’t follow my blog. Otherwise I would be disowned! Continue reading Soup Kambing (Lamb Rib Soup)

Tahu Telur

Growing up in Singapore, Tahu Telur was one of my favourite hawker dishes. I haven’t had it in over 13 years and had a sudden yearning for it. I figured I’d give making the dish a shot and the recipes online didn’t look too difficult. Some recipes recommend using an empty tin can to hold the tofu together while frying. This was an absolute disaster for me. I had oil overflowing and almost started a kitchen fire. In the end I just scooped the tofu mixture straight into the hot oil and that worked better for me. Continue reading Tahu Telur


A little while I posted the recipe for Guddi Mausi’s Paya. While I really enjoyed it, I felt the urge to tweak it a little, just to see if we can turn it into something magical. I think the changes definitely worked and it resulted in a silkier, richer broth. If you’re short on time, definitely try Guddi Mausi’s version. My version below is an all day event. You don’t need to be standing at the stove for hours, but you definitely need to be home to keep an eye on the pressure cooker. Continue reading Paya

Guddi Mausi’s Paya

This is Mangy’s aunty’s Paya  recipe. I’ve heard about her Paya for years now from Mangy. Having never eaten Paya, I had a vision of a gluggy, sloppy, spicy, slimy, hoofy soup. Thankfully we managed to find Paya at the butcher’s recently. A quick call back home for instructions and Mangy was able to recreate his aunty’s recipe. Continue reading Guddi Mausi’s Paya